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60Unregistered vehicle permits. (1) A person may apply to the chief executive to authorise the use of an unregistered vehicle on a road by issuing an unregistered vehicle permit for the vehicle. (2) The application must be in the approved form and be accompanied by—. (a) the relevant fee; and.

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  • Thus, the crux of McCullough’s argument on appeal was that the law requires that the alphanumeric symbols on the license plate be plainly visible, rather than the full plate being plainly visible. In analyzing the arguments of both the government and McCullough, the court, in examining Ala. Code Sec. 32-6-51, stated. All license plates shall be securely fastened so as not to swing, and shall not be covered by any material that obstructs their visibility. (Section 4503.21 of the Revised Code). Every vehicle with a temporary license placard or windshield sticker shall display the temporary license placard in plain view from the rear of the vehicle either in. . It is unlawful to drive with your license plate obscured in a way that compromises the visibility of your residing jurisdiction. In most states, the police will pull you over and give you a ticket. Some states like New Jersey will let you go only if part of the plate is obscured. This makes it difficult to find good plate frames as Oregon is one of the few states that has stickers on opposite edges of the bottom of the plate. They also mandate that if the vehicle is fitted with one or two license plate lights, they must emit white light and illuminate the plate so it is visible from 50 feet behind in darkness. (4) is obscured, covered or otherwise obstructed in a manner which inhibits the visibility of the issuing jurisdiction at a reasonable distance. (c) Penalty for obscured plate.-- Any person who violates subsection (b) (2) or (4) commits a summary offense and shall, upon conviction, be sentenced to pay a fine of $100.

    License plate visibility laws

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    They're illegal because most of the plastic trims cover a portion of the plate. Florida Statute 320.061 states, "A person may not apply or attach a substance, coating, covering or.